SilTerra Overview

SilTerra is a project of strategic national interest to promote front-end semiconductor manufacturing and a catalyst for high technology investments in Malaysia. It was founded in November 1995 as Wafer Technology Malaysia Sdn Bhd and was renamed as SilTerra Malaysia Sdn Bhd in December 1999.

SilTerra broke ground on first manufacturing facility in Kulim, Malaysia in June 1999 and produced working silicon in November 2000. Since its inception, SilTerra has served many top-tier global fabless design and product companies covering the consumer electronics, communications & computing, and mobile device market segments.

SilTerra offers CMOS design and a broad range of fabrication processes for Integrated Chips (IC) in Advanced Logic, Mixed Signal & Radio Frequency and High Voltage applications.

The CMOS High Voltage Technology being used in the design and fabrication of Display Driver IC�s (DDI), is widely used in the mobile devices market segment. This includes display drivers for mobile phones, GPS equipment, MP3/4 Personal Media Players (PMP), Digital Cameras and other similar applications.

SilTerra provides complete design solutions for customers to create leading-edge products, optimized for its high-yielding manufacturing processes, through strategic partnerships with industry-leading Intellectual Property (IP) design library providers, Design Services and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) suppliers. SilTerra also offers comprehensive in-house Failure Analysis (FA) services to high-tech companies and universities, performing detailed construction and failure analysis of nano-scale structures.

SilTerra Milestones:

1Q95 - Company founded known as Wafer Technology Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
4Q97 - Opened USA Office at San Jose, California
2Q99 - Construction Commenced at KHTP.
4Q99 - Rename as SilTerra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
1Q01 - 180nm production started
2Q01 - ISO 9002 Certified
2Q02 - Semiconductor International Top Fab Award
3Q02 - ISO 14001 Certified
3Q03 - Opened Taiwan Office at Hsin-Chu City.
4Q03 - ISO 9001 Certified Best High-Technology Manufacturing Facility Award
3Q03 - 130nm Pilot Production Ready PRIME MINISTER'S HIBISCUS AWARD – Notable Achievement
2Q04 - Opened Sales office at Kuala Lumpur.
4Q07 - 160nm High Voltage Production Ready.
          - Achieve Sony Green Partner Award
3Q08 - 130nm High Voltage Production Ready
          - OHSAS 18001: 2007 Certified
1Q09 - 110nm Pilot Production Ready.
2Q09 - Frost & Sullivan Technology Implementation Award.
          - Power MOSFET Production Ready.
          - HR Award - Silver Recognition for HR Excellence Category
1Q10 - LG Electric Supplier Appreciation Award.
          - Prime Minister's Product Excellence Award 2009.
1Q11 - Named as one of the Best Employers in Malaysia according to Aon Hewitt Consulting - Asia Pacific.
1Q11 - Acknowledged in the Export Excellence Category as part of the Prime Minister's Industry's Excellence Award 2010, organized by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).
2Q11 - Finalist of the Prime Minister's Quality Management Excellence Award (QMEA) 2011.
4Q12 - Conferred an award by the Malaysian Scientific Association (MSA) in recognition of SilTerra's outstanding contribution to Science & Technology.
4Q12 - Winner of the Employee's Safety Health Award 2012 (Electric & Electronic Category) conferred by Ministry of Human Resource.
4Q12 - Conferred the "Competitive Employer Award" at the 2012 Labour Day Celebration - by the Prime Minister.
4Q12 - SilTerra released 180nm Embedded Flash Technology for mass production.
4Q12 - SilTerra launched 130nm CMOS Logic Aluminum Backend Technology.
4Q13 - SilTerra qualified CMT's Multiple Time Programming in SilTerra 110nm High Voltage Technology.
3Q14 - SilTerra entered mass production for Touch with Display Driver IC application using 110nm High Voltage Technology.
3Q14 - SilTerra started volume production for wearable applications using 110nm High Voltage Technology.
1Q15 - SilTerra 110nm Logic CMOS Aluminium Backend Technology entered into mass production phase.
2Q15 - SilTerra 180nm BCDMOS technology entered mass production phase.
4Q16 - Grand Prize Award for Employer of Choice by MIHRM - Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (***)
2Q17 - Kedah Industrial Excellence Award 2017 - Chief Minister's Award for Category of Large Local Company (LLC) and Special Appreciation for Excellence in Domestic Direct Investment (DDI)


Make SilTerra the cornerstone for expanding the Malaysian Semiconductor Industry.


Deliver world-class semiconductor manufacturing services to our customers; Provide our customers with outstanding customer service, logistics, and IP support; Make SilTerra a profitable enterprise that is continuously growing with innovation and knowledge and maximize the return on investment for our shareholders.

Value Proposition

1. Proven leading foundry matched process
2. Leader in HV CMOS Technology
3. Advanced Power MOSFET Technology
4. Vigorous intellectual property protection
5. Dedicated support teams
6. MyFabTM portal for secured, online access to timely production information
7. Cost competitiveness

Corporate Governance


Board of Directors

Management Team

SilTerra, a leading wafer foundry provider, offers state-of-the-art CMOS wafer technology to global semiconductor customers. Our technologies and design solutions has enabled thousands of integrated circuit (IC) design from our customers ranging from Computing, Consumer and Communication product segments. Customers are delighted to partner with SilTerra due to our efficient manufacturing system, continuous technology innovation, excellent customer services and good technical support from our global team.
In the highly competitive wafer foundry business, Management restlessly execute effective business strategies to ensure SilTerra is a continuous profitable enterprise. Management review the business objectives and set company-wide goals periodically to ensure we deliver utmost values to our customers and shareholders in every aspects.
In SilTerra, we value our people as the main asset of the company where the professional development and benefit of everyone counts. We provide distinctive environment to facilitate our people to learn, grow and contribute as individual and as member of the company. At the same time, SilTerra spares no effort in adding value to our people through our rigorous employee development program. In the environment which celebrates diversity and honors equal opportunity, it nurtures and strengthens our peoples' all-round abilities.
As Malaysia is marching toward high income status, SilTerra plays a pivotal role in producing high skill workforce for the nation. Our employees are capable to develop new process technology using sophisticated high-tech equipment and design tools. SilTerra consistently recruits talent locally and internationally to meet our business objectives. With the presence of wafer manufacturing fab like SilTerra in Malaysia, many IC design houses are setup here to gain easy access to wafer supply, indirectly this create more employment to support IC design activities for the country.

Quality & HSPM Policy

All SilTerra employees will be premier customer service providers and continually improving both Quality and Hazardous Process Management Systems of our processes, products and services.

We are committed to achieve these by:

  • meeting statutory & regulatory requirements, operational goals, as well as customer needs and expectations

  • having effective defect prevention and waste elimination programs

  • driving for process capability and stability, performance benchmarking

  • involving employees in communication and continuous improvement activities

  • ensuring processes and final products are Hazardous Substance Free compliant.

Corporate Social Responsibility




Corporate Citizen

In line with the aspirations of our stakeholders, SilTerra is committed to be a catalyst to move Malaysia up the semiconductor value chain. In this regard, we believe that our organizational expertise can play a vital role in developing the high-tech industry and communities around us.

We are actively involved in supporting educational and academic efforts, especially in the field of science and technology. SilTerra collaborates closely with local universities and technical institutes in areas such as R&D, curriculum development and scholarship awards.

Additionally, SilTerra offers silicon shuttle services to selected local institutions of higher learning. Such services are vital as a platform for chip designers and researchers to validate their designs.

On the community front, SilTerra has consistently fostered good community relations through social and charitable activities. Over the years, these activities have strengthened ties between our employees and the local community.

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)

SilTerra is committed to designing, manufacturing and distributing products and processes which optimize resource utilization and minimize environmental impact. SilTerra shall maintain an environmental management system which continuously strives to improve its environmental performance.

Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

EHS Social Responsibility & Activities

Environmental Systems & Performances

Hazardous Substance Process Management

Corporate Governance


The principal investor of SilTerra is Khazanah Nasional Berhad which is the investment holding arm of the Government of Malaysia entrusted to manage Government-held assets. One of its key corporate missions is to be a catalyst to develop strategic projects.

Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Jalaluddin Bin Dato' Mohd Jarjis, Chairman

  • Ybhg. Dato' Ahmad Pardas Senin, Director

  • Ybhg. Dato' Dr. Mohamed Arif Bin Nun, Director

  • Mr. Effizal Faiz Bin Zulkifly, Director

  • Mr. Firdaus Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

Corporate Governance

Management Team

  • Mr. Firdaus Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

  • Mr. Kader Ibrahim, Chief Operating Officer

  • Mr. Lai Yit Loong, Executive Vice President of World Wide Sales & Marketing

  • Mr. Arjun Kumar Kanthimahanti, Senior Vice President of Technology Development

  • Mr. Munawir Ab Ghani, Senior Vice President of Human Resources

  • Mr. Tan Eng Tong, Vice President of Strategic Management

Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Visit of Student from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) School of Mechanical Engineering

  • On 15 May 2013, SilTerra received 29 third years' undergraduates from USM, under the coaching of Dr. Mohd Sabri Che Jamil. They sat through a workshop on Manufacturing Scheduling, organized by the Manufacturing Systems Group. The event is part of the joint initiatives by the School of Mechanical Engineering and the respective industries to provide early exposure to students in high value added manufacturing environments.

    SilTerra's Senior Manager of Manufacturing System Group, Mr. Mohd Azizi and colleagues shared their working experience and also conducted the workshop. Selected students who received top marks for the quiz, were brought for a fab tour to have first-hand experience of operations in a clean room environment.


Corporate Social Responsibility



Corporate Social Responsibility



Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Citizen

  • Visit By CREST and KHAZANAH

  • On 02 April 2013, we received a delegation from Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology Center (CREST) headed by En. Jaffri Ibrahim (CEO of CREST) and Khazanah Koridor Utara (KKU), headed by Mr. Gopalan (VP of KKU) SilTerra is one of the Founding Members of CREST and CREST has co-funded several R&D projects in collaboration with SilTerra. This visit provide better understanding of a Fab Environment, includes the Clean room, FA Lab Services, Sub Fab Facilities, Data Centre, waste management and other related areas to the Management Teams of CREST and KKU.

  • Visit By Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)

  • On 1 March 2013, SilTerra hosted the visit of a delegation from MIDA headed by its Chairman, Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Amirsham A. Aziz. This visit was meant to provide delegates better understanding of a Wafer Fab environment and discuss potential collaborative models.

  • Visit By KERC and ASTSA of Japan

  • On 30th January 2013 we received a delegation from the Kyushu Economic Research Centre (KERC) & Asia Semiconductor Trading Support Association (ASTA) Japan. They were in Kulim Hi-Tech Park for a Business Seminar & Busines Matching session. SilTerra being one of the companies they visited in the semiconductor industry as part of their effort to explore business opportunity and partnership with Malaysian companies.

  • Visit By NanoMalaysia Berhad

  • On 16 Jan 2013 we hosted a visit of 2 Associate Vice Presidents from NanoMalaysia Berhad (NMB), the lead agency for nanotechnology commercialisation in Malaysia appointed by Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI). The Government of Malaysia aspires to drive nanotechnology as one of the national economic growth engines. As such, MOSTI is currently leading activities through NMB to develop new products for the nanotechnology industry. Exposure to the Fab environment and discussion on the collaborative models are the main purpose of this visit.


Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)

Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Environmental Policy

We are committed to the protection of environment , including prevention of pollution and continual improvement of Environmental performance through an Environmental Management system.

We shall:

  • Fulfill our compliance obligations
  • Optimize usage of hazardous chemicals and gases.
  • Minimize release of pollutants to air, water and land.
  • Minimize consumption of natural resources
  • Minimize generation of general waste and schedule waste
  • Foster employees and contractors awareness of environmental issues through training,campaign and promotion.

Safety & Health Policy

SilTerra is committed to adopting the best industrial practices in providing a safe work environment meeting or exceeding applicable legal and other requirements. We are also commited to continual improvement of Occupational Safety and Health performance through excellence in Occupational Safety and Health Management System.

We adhere strongly to the following safety and health principles:

  • All injuries and ill-health can be prevented.
  • All hazards can be controlled.
  • Working safely is a condition of employment.
  • Everyone is responsible for safety.
  • Everyone will be communicated and trained to work safely.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

We have implemented an Environmental Management System to improve environmental performance. SilTerra EMS was ISO14001-certified in August 2002.

We monitor all environmental regulatory requirements to ensure compliance.

Further more, we establish environmental goals to go beyond compliance in the areas of pollution prevention, minimization of toxic and hazardous materials, water and energy conservation and solid waste reduction.

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)

EHS Social Responsibility & Activities

    Year 2017
  • EHS Days 2017(6 & 7-Sep)

  • 1. EHS talks

    1. Hosp Sultanah Bahiyah - Hazlee bin Omar, Occupational Therapist - Back Pain
    2. DOSH Kedah - Zaidin bin Ibrahim, Deputy Dir - Importance of OSH Culture
    3. FRIM - Puan Norhayati binti Nordin - FRIM Programs
    4. MIROS - Mohd Firdaus bin Mohd Siam - Dangers of using hand phones while driving
    5. DOE Kedah - Mohamad Fitri bin Said - DOE programs
    6. Socso - Puan Fazillah - Socso programs
    7. PDRM - Tuan Azizul

    2. Safety video contest

    3. EHS treasure hunt

    4. "No plastic bag" campaign

    5. Recycle days

    6. Herbal garden

    Recycling Days activities

    'No plastic bag' campaign

    Organizing team

    Chemical Leak Drill with HAZMAT and Kulim Hospital

    Year 2016
  • EHS & Environment Days 2016

  • Program

    1. EHS Talks

    1. DOSH
    2. Renewal Energy
    3. JKJR
    4. PDRM

    2. Treasure hunt

    3. Safety Video

    4. Recycling Days

    Recycling Days committee

    Treasure Hunt winners

    Visiting exhibitions

    Organizing committee members

    Year 2015
  • EHS Day 2015 (8-9 Apr)

  • Program

    1. Talks

    1. Environmental Awareness Talk by WWF (World Wildlife Fund)
    2. Carl Corrynton Medical Centre Health Talk - "How to Manage Your Backache"

    2. Recycling campaign

    3. ERT competition

    Year 2014
  • Recycle Days 2014

  • Year 2013
  • EHS Day 2013

  • Behavior Safety Talk
  • Stop Smoking Talk
  • Police Talk
  • Environment Talk
  • Bomba Kulim Hi-Tech Hazmat Exhibition

    Various Exhibitions

    Year 2012
  • SilTerra Won National Safety And Health Award 2012

  • SilTerra has been awarded National Safety and Health award 2012 for the electrical and electronic sector on 30 October 2012 at the ceremony held in Putrajaya convention center.

    SilTerra CEO, Dr Kamarulzaman received the award given by Minister of Human Resources, Dr S Subramaniam.

    National Safety and Health award is an annual event organized by Department of Safety and Health Malaysia (DOSH) to recognize company for implementing good safety management system and achieve good safety records.

    SilTerra has implemented a few safety and health systems that impressed the DOSH auditors such as safety and health element in Key Result Area, online system for reporting near misses or potential accident and online tracking issues raised during audits, incident actions item or modification of systems to ensure all actions items are closed.

    This recognition shall drive SilTerra effort to maintain and continual improvement of the safety and health standard.

  • Talk - Global Warming

  • 2 sessions of Environmental Talks have been successfully conducted on 23th and 24th October 2012.

    The talk was given by SilTerra EHS personnel who has good knowledge on Global Warming topic.

  • Recycling Days

  • On 23rd-24th October 2012, EHS Dept and Lithography Dept joint effort to organize Recycling Days.

    All employees were encouraged to donate their waste and received environmental merit hours. A total of 1072kg of aluminum, glass, paper and plastic waste have been collected and recycled.

  • ERT Ironman Competition 2012

  • ERT Ironman Competition has been conducted in 2012.

    The purpose of this competition is to make sure all ERT members familiar with ERT equipment such as Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), location of all fire extinguishers in office building, grid in Sub-Fab, communication by using walkie talkies, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) computer and be able to rescue or response in emergency situation.

    Four ERT members have to work together as a team.

    ERT members work together to look for solutions of the given task

  • 2012 ERT Teambuilding

  • From April to June, SilTerra has sent three groups of ERT members for teambuilding at Outward Bound School (OBS) Lumut, Perak. Various activities have been conducted such as indoor activities (forming, brain storming and performing session), jungle tracking (Map and Compass training), raft making, rafting and kayaking from OBS to Teluk Sekadeh, Pangkor Island.

    Team Dynamic - Problem solving in team

    Jungle Tracking - Map and Compass training

    Raft making and rafting

    Kayak from OBS, Lumut to Teluk Sekadeh, Pangkor Island

  • EHS Week 2012

  • SilTerra has conducted EHS Week 2012 on October 2012 with the theme "Safe Riding to Work Campaign".

    Various activities have been conducted during the event such as police talk, Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya (JKJR) talk, helmet & safety vest give away by SOCSO & JKJR and demo on motorbike defensive riding training. SilTerra has also invite Kulim Industrial Tenants Association (KITA) members to join this event. The response from employee & KITA members have been very encouraging.

    Year 2011
  • Hazmat Drill

  • HAZMAT drill has been conducted in November 2011 with Bomba Kulim Hi-Tech Park (KHTP) together with police and hospital. The purpose of this drill is to make sure Bomba KHTP become more familiar with SilTerra high risk area and to identify the weaknesses in emergency response system.

  • Barter Day 2011

  • On 6 Oct 2011, SilTerra has held "Barter Day" as part of environmental activity. The objectives of this event is to raise awareness and encourage involvement of employees in recycling activity.

    We encouraged employees to bring recycle items from home and exchange it with fruits. The recycle items that are able to exchange with fruits are paper, plastic bottle, glass and aluminium.

    We have successfully collected about 963 kg of recycle item and the collection was donated to Kulim charity house.

    Employee exchange the recycle items with fruits. Overwhelming response from employees Recycle items were weighted and send to collector

  • Cycling To Work Campaign - 4 Oct 2011

  • A campaign to encourage employees to come to work using bicycle has been launched on the 4th Oct 2011 as part of EHS Week 2011 main event. 

    SilTerra's CEO, Dr Kamarulzaman presented to the launching which was held in the Auditorium.

  • SilTerra-WWF"Exploring the Hidden Realm of Ulu Muda" 6-8 May 2011

  • On 6-8 May 2011, 5 SilTerra Green Team members participated in WWF Ulu Muda Lake Conservation Awareness trip.

    The purpose of this trip is to expose Green Team members to the current issue of Ulu Muda forest such as logging & illegal hunting. It also enhance team building skill and give experience on environmental conservation effort at national level and support NGO such as WWF in environmental conservation project.

    Ulu Muda forest is a habitat for substantial populations of large mammals, especially elephants & tapirs and there are rich diversity of birds including plain pouched hornbill.

    Ulu Muda forest forms water catchments area for 3 large man-made lakes namely Muda, Ahning & Pedu, formed by the construction of 3 correspondingly-named dams that regulate water for drinking and irrigation at Kedah, Penang & Perlis.

    A Saltlick is mineral spring or ground containing salt and other mineral, the consumption of which is conducive to the well being of wild animals.

    Rain forest trail Wildlife Observation Rain trail Saltlick area visit
  • Employees& Family Environmental Program

  • On the 17 March 2011, SilTerra organized an environmental event involving employees and their family members. It was an one-day event where the participants were required to apply their creativity to transform recycle paper-based products into something useful. At the end of the day, selected judges arrived with results to declare winners who achieved the highest score based on certain criteria. 27 families participated in this event.

    Participants were busy doing their masterpiece from paper
  • ERT Fire Fighting Competition 2011

  • Fire Fighting Competition has been conducted to make sure all ERT members are able to use ERT equipment such as Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and hydrant for fire fighting, familiarize to do hose layout, give and receive order when using hydrant, assemble and disassemble SCBA. This competition also give all ERT members exposure to emergency situations. Four ERT members have to work together as a team.

    ERT members use SCBA & hydrant for fire fighting
    Year 2010
  • Karnival Sukaneka Naga Lilit

  • On 14th March 2010, SilTerra partnership with Junior Chamber International (JCI) Kulim have participate in Karnival Sukaneka Naga Lilit, Kulim. SilTerra & JCI set up a booth for fruit enzyme making demonstration and 50 bottles of enzyme have been distributed .Fruit enzyme is turning garbage into enzyme and use it for various application e.g. floor cleaning, fertilizer, perfume, etc. Many villagers visit our booth and enjoy the demonstration.

    We achieved our objective to educate kampung folks on the use of fruit waste which indirectly help to reduce domestic waste produce daily.

  • Program Komuniti Bestari Mukim Keladi, Kulim

  • On 16th March 2010 SilTerra has involved in Environmental Community project with Komuniiti Bistari Mukim Keladi, Kulim. The program has been arranged by Komuniti Bistari Mukim Keladi Committee and supported by Pejabat Penerangan, Kulim. There are various activities have been conducted with kampung folks such as competition in use of recycle waste for tissue box creation, 'kerabu' making, kids coloring contest and environmental awareness talk.

    SilTerra has sponsored RM1000 in this program and deliver a talk on 'Environmental Conservation' with the aims to educate community on the environmental issue and enhance their awareness to conserve energy.

    Picture 1 :Tissue box creation from recycle waste Picture 2:'Kerabu' making Picture 3 : Participant work hard to finish their creation Picture 4 : Mr.Amir from SilTerra judge the 'kerabu' Picture 6 : Mr. Khairul start to conduct the environmental talk Picture 9 : Prizes giving to all the winners
  • Environmental Day at SK Permatang Tiong Junjong, Kulim

  • On 24th April 2010, SK Permatang Tiong committee have invited SilTerra EHS to join their environmental day which involved school children and villagers. We have donated RM1000 to school PIBG for student activity fund. About 250 people have joined this program and all the activities conducted in this program should have any environmental values as the criteria. Parts of the activities are coloring contest,art creation, WAU decorations, etc.

    SilTerra EHS representative has delivered environmental talk and sharing a few tips on how to conserve the energy with the audience.

    Part of the program activities
  • Environmental Public Awareness Campaign for The Young

  • EHS Department with the help of other departments have organized a community project for the general public. The aim was to focus on creating awareness of the environment and its conservation. Our target crowds for this purpose were school children and the employees' housewives.

    Tuan Hj Abu Bakar bin Md Ali who is the Education Officer of Kulim District had officiated the memorable event on the 11th Nov 2009 in our Auditorium. Sekolah Kebangsaan Tunku Abdul Malik, Kulim was given the honor to be the first school to participate in the program. About 130 pupils, 6 teachers and 2 housewives attended the inaugural function.

    Two external speakers from Non-profit Environmental Group were invited by SilTerra. They are the Green Crusaders who shared their knowledge and experiences on ways of recycling domestic waste, and Garbage Enzyme Team who enlightened the crowd with ways to making cleaning agent from food waste.

    It is our heartfelt hope that this project will enhance the awareness for our ailing environment and also SilTerra's involvement in the matter. EHS team are hoping more Silterrian shall champion or participate in environment activities organized by SilTerra or other NGOs in the future. We must have 3R mind in our daily activities ( Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)

  • Sg. Sedim Cleaning Project

  • On 5th December 2009, SilTerra had successfully completed another Environmental Conservation Project for the general public. This time we headed to Sedim River, a famous family recreation park 40km from Kulim. The SilTerra EHS team headed by Amir Hamzah was leading all other factories under the umbrella of Kulim Industrial Tenants Association (KITA) to perform a cleaning activity at Sedim River area. The objectives of the program are to :

    Take care of our rivers from contamination. To inculcate the volunteer work spirit. To build in Gotong-Royong spirit that originated from kampong folks. To educate our future generation to protect our environment from pollution.

    In our goal to conserve the environment, KITA members together in hand with Sedim villagers, had performed a cleaning activity at Sedim River. A total of about 17 Silterrians and 350 other participants took part in this activity driven by SilTerra and was highlighted in two daily newspapers namely Kwang Wah Jit Poh and Harian Metro

    The activity was organized to create an appreciation and keenness to our rivers. By doing that, SilTerra also hoped to foster awareness in the community so as not to abuse and contaminate our vulnerable rivers. The activity was well received by Sedim folks and the same activity shall be organized by KITA next year as a quest to a better environment.

  • Office Building Evacuation Drill

  • EHS Department working closely with Bomba Hi-Tech and Kulim Hospital executed the annual fire drill at our office building on 9th Dec 09. The objective of the drill is to check the response of our Emergency Response Team (ERT), Bomba and Hospital and to ensure that our system worked as designed. This years scenario included 3 "victims" to help us practice the rescue method and assess our capability.

    What went right ? The evacuation of the building took less than five minutes, which met our target. Our ERT responded quickly and were on stand-by for Bomba's arrival. Our 9 Office Fire Marshals did their job by sweeping their respective area and reporting to the ERT Incident Commander.

    What went wrong ? The Fire Alarm automatic notification system (ABL) failed to notify Bomba . Our drill coordinator, Mr. Mike Foong, had to call Bomba directly. Bomba, with their siren blaring, arrived within five minutes after receiving the call.

    The ambulance took twelve minutes, from the time of calling 999, to arrive as the system directed the call to Alor Setar who then forwarded it to Hospital Kulim. The badge scanning at assembly area was slow and employees were in long queues.

    All the post mortems actions were discussed and shall be addressed as soon as possible to ensure that our emergency response system is always in the best working condition.

  • OHSAS 18001 Certification

  • As commitment on OSH aspects SilTerra has gone through Sirim Audit certification on OHSAS 18001 in June 2008. OHSAS 18000 is an international occupational health and safety management system specification. SilTerra has been certified as OHSAS 18001 compliance in September 2008.

  • Fire Extinguisher Training For All Employees

  • In August 2008 SilTerra has conducted Fire extinguisher training to all employees as an effort to train employees to use fire extinguisher in emergency situation. This training is conducted once in 2 years.

  • Pulmonary Function Test For ERT Members

  • 127 ERT members have undergone and passed the Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) to evaluate their capability in using Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus.

  • SilTerra's Q1 2007 Recycling Report

  • April 27, 2007 - Thanks to Silterrians efforts in conserving the environment, SilTerra have managed to collect an encouraging amount of waste that will be recycled for other uses. In this modern times, resources are scarce, and new technologies are being developed everyday to enable waste to be converted into something useful. Total weight collected 393.4kg amounting to RM64.75

  • Joint ERT Drill Amoung KIPEHS Members & Various Govt. Agencies 2007

  • On 25th Oct 07, SilTerra 's ERT members were invited to participate in the Joint ERT Drill for Pre-SAREX (Pre Search and Rescue) Exercise coordinated by Kulim Hospital. This Pre-SAREX was an emergency preparation by the Kedah Ministry of Health to equip themselves for the LIMA (Langkawi International & Maritime Aviation) Exhibition to be held in Dec. 07. All KIPEHS (Kulim Industrial Park EHS) Committee members in which SILTERRA is a member, were called in to take part in this eventful exercise.

    SILTERRA having one of the biggest ERT team has been appointed to be the coordinator among the KIPEHS members and Mr. Shah Hazidi Hussein, the Facilities EHS Manager was selected as the chairman of the subcommittee. The exercise was considered as a platform for the participating factories to expose their ERT members to the real emergencies which involved external parties such as the Police, Bomba and the Hospital. This was also an avenue to enhance the rapport among the authorities.

    A simulation was that two helicopters carried parachuters crashed in the air and landed in a lakeside area where a company was having its Family Day. Forty casualties were reported , 8 death, others ranges from critical, semi critical to non critical. Our ERT members who volunteered took part as the First Aiders , injured persons as well as observers.The exercise was carried out successfully and all parties which got involved managed to go back with invaluable experience which they can use at their workplace.

  • Collaboration with NIOSH on Contractor Safety Management

  • To ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, visitors, and contractors, SilTerra has engaged the National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH) to provide occupational health and safety (OHS) training and certification for all contractors performing physical work in the premises (referred to as Contractor Safety Passport system - CSPS). This is in addition to the in-house EHS briefing, which is designed to inform the contractors of the emergency preparedness and response procedures, housekeeping practices, as well as environmental conservation requirements.

    By engaging NIOSH in OHS training and certification, a uniform standard among all participating industries can be achieved, at minimal cost to the contractors, but enormous returns by absence of liabilities arising out of untoward incidents. Contractors will be given an identification badge, denoting their certification in general and/or specialized OHS safety certification. Recently, with collaboration with NIOSH and other factories, SilTerra has contributed to the upgrading of the CSPS program on as follows;

    Certification duration extended from 1 year to 2 years General OHS training and certification includes multiple disciplines, previously separated, benefiting the bulk of contract workers. Disciplines, elected are frequent scenarios observed in factories, are ;
    • General Safety
    • Material Handling
    • Basic Chemical Handling
    • Housekeeping
    • Landscaping
    • Catering

    By ensuring all contractors equipped with basic knowledge on OHS, the workplace is secured from unwanted incidents that could lead to business liability. SilTerra adopts this principle to ensure a productive workplace and a profitable organization.

    Year 2006
  • SilTerra's Hand Safety Awareness Video Session

  • February 22, 2006 - In conjunction with Hand Safety Awareness Month, a short video concerning hand safety will be shown. Attendance is MANDATORY for all employees working in the fab or facilties and it is required to maintain Safety certification.

  • SilTerra's Fire Safety Talk by Fire & Rescue Dept

  • April 18, 2006 - In conjunction with Fire Safety Awareness Month, EHS has arranged a special session on fire safety with Mr. Jeva, the officer for Fire & Rescue Department of KHTP. All employees and especially the ERT members were strongly recommended to attend the fire safety talk.

  • SilTerra's Waste Recycle Program (Paper,Aluminium & Glass)

  • November 16, 2006 - As part of SilTerra's Environmental Conservation program, 3 in-house recycle binds has been set up. These bins are for the employees to dispose paper wastes, aluminum cans and glass bottles. Each recycle bin is customized to collect different wastes as followings:

    • Recycle bin with blue label - Paper Waste
    • Recycle bin with orange label - Aluminum can
    • Recycle bin with brown label - Glass

    The recycle bins are located at the Car Pool Area. Proceeds received from selling the recycle wastes were donated to charity. This is part of SilTerra's move to instill the habit of recycling. At the same time SilTerra would like to be socially responsible and caring corporation.

  • SilTerra's Info on Recycle of Household Waste

  • November 29, 2006 - Information was shared to all employees on what is recyclable and the arts for recycling them. Additional information were distributed including what are not recyclable as well as contractors and places to drop off recyclables.

    Year 2005
  • Waste Recycling Program 2005

  • On 26 May 2005, Mr. Bruce Gray, President/Chief Operating Officer (Acting CEO) of SilTerra launched Waste Recycling Program at Taman Hi-Tech Primary School. This is another community project organized by Facilities – Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS), the Green Team and CDEA. The objective of this program is to introduce the wastes recycling concept to the school and the KHTP community.

    SilTerra donated 2 sets of recycle bins to Taman Hi-Tech Primary School to promote recycling habit among the school children. En. Khalid Salleh from PBT KHTP was invited to give a talk on waste recycling activity in KHTP area. Besides, coloring contest has been carried out prior launching ceremony to create awareness among young generations. Mr. Bruce Gray gave out prizes to the winners of coloring contest.

    School students, parents, teachers, representatives from government agencies and industries in KHTP and SilTerrians joined to make the Waste Recycling Program a success.

    Year 2004
  • SilTerra Environmental Day 2004 - Tree Planting Event

  • SilTerra Environmental Day was launched on 19 Oct 2004. The day stated with a coloring contest by school children from school around Kulim, Kedah. Then in the evening, tree-planting event was held with a catchy theme – A Greener Earth For Future Generations. 210 trees were sponsored by SilTerrians & vendors. The trees were planted by SilTerra's employees around the premises.

    Year 2003
  • EHS Week 14 Oct – 16 Oct 2003

  • SilTerra EHS Week 2003 was launched on 14 Oct 2003. This was the first ever event held in SilTerra. The Motto of this event is "Think Safety, Act Safely". There was about 900 people visited SilTerra. We have participants from government such as DOE, Bomba, and Police for the exhibition during the 3 days of EHS Week. There were also activities and talks for employees such as:

    • Blood donation (155 donors)
    • Blood Screening
    • EHS Quiz
    • Coloring competition for primary schools' pupils
    • Free T-shirt, safety vest and car sticker for employees
    • Health talk on "Stress Management" by Pantai Mutiara Hospital
    • Safety talk on "Road Safety" by Traffic Police

    The EHS Week was well executed and successful. Employees learned about Environmental, Health and Safety through the exhibitions, quiz and activities. As token of appreciation, the management rewarded organizing committee and sub committee with certificate of appreciation.

  • Recycling and Donation to Joblink Center

  • This is another project under the EHS Social Responsibility & Activities. The objective is to promote recycling habit and be environmental friendly. We actually kill two birds with one stone, because this project also benefits the Joblink center, a center for physically challenged people, including the visually impaired, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. We donated proceeds from the sales of tote boxes and recycled papers amounting to a sum of RM1300.00, where we bought Milo, creamer and biscuits. Apparently, Silterrians have good Samaritans spirits!!

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)

Environmental Systems & Performances

The facility is equipped with wastewater treatment and exhaust systems that ensure compliance to environmental, health and safety regulations at the workplace. We ensure compliance with stringent international and local environmental protection regulations on industrial effluents and air emissions through:

  • Wastewater treatment systems to treat segregated waste streams from manufacturing and support systems.
  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) abatement systems.
  • High efficiency scrubber systems to remove acid and caustic chemical vapors.

In addition, scheduled (toxic) wastes are managed to comply with stringent regulatory requirements.

Waste Water treatment

As per international standards, SilTerra analyzes and monitors the quality of waste water throughout the year. All waste water analytical results consistently adhere to the waste water standard of the Environmental Quality (Sewage & Industrial Effluents) Regulations 1979 in Malaysia.

Air Emission Facility

SilTerra is equipped with various exhaust systems such as scrubber system, VOC abatement system, general exhaust system, etc. These state-of-the-art systems are designed to treat hot air, corrosive, flammable and hazardous fumes respectively from various buildings in SilTerra.

Waste Minimization

We systematically identify ways to reduce or eliminate waste primarily through source reduction and recycle, reclaim and reuse. Activities include:

  • Minimizing use of hazardous manufacturing chemicals through operational improvements and process changes.
  • Diverting materials from local landfills through recycling. The recycling program is wide and includes paper, newspapers, magazines, cardboards, packing material and metal parts.
  • Striving for a paperless environment through widespread use of electronic documentation and presentation, thereby reducing paper memos, reports, transparencies and other documents.

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)

Hazardous Substance Process Management

SilTerra is continuously working on reducing the use of banned substances in our final products.

In line with SilTerra's Hazardous Substance Process Management Policy, we are on regular basis sending our product to accredited laboratory to be independently analyzed, to ensure our products do not contain or exceed the hazardous substance concentration limit as stated in RoHS, REACH and Sony Green Partner.

SilTerra is also working closely with our material vendors to ensure our purchased materials do not contain or exceed the hazardous substance concentration limit as stated in RoHS and REACH.

For more information, please contact SilTerra's Hazardous Substance Process Management Team (