12 Sep 2011
Brazil's Chipus Partners with Second Foundry

By Peter Clarke; http://www.eetimes.com/electronics-news/ Friday September 9, 2011

LONDON - Chipus Microelecrtronics SA, a Brazilian startup licensor of analog and mixed-signal circuit designs, has said it has begun designing a library of low-voltage, low-power analog IP cores for implementation on a 0.18-micron CMOS process used by foundry SilTerra Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

A partnership has evolved between the two companies after executives from Chipus (Florianopolis, Brazil) visited SilTerra's foundry in Malaysia in July, Chipus said. "This partnership builds on a mutual attraction between both players," said Paulo Dal Fabbro, CTO of Chipus, in a statement. He added: "SilTerra's process came in handy for our low-power requirements and their wafer price is very competitive. Furthermore, they provide a very good support to partners and customers."

Chipus said it plans to provide power management and data converter circuits for use by foundry customers on both the 0.18-micron and 0.13-micron nodes at SilTerra.

A second result of the partnership is that Chipus has agreed to help SilTerra stage a sales roadshow in Brazil in September. Chipus is co-organizing the roadshow, which will comprise events in Sao Paulo on Sept. 12 and in Florianopolis, on Sept. 14.

"The semiconductor industry in Brazil is gaining strong momentum with the rise of world-class fabless companies and strong government support. With strong backing from the Malaysian government and proven technology and manufacturing capabilities, SilTerra can play a pivotal role in partnering with the Brazilian semiconductor industry to win in the fast growing global semiconductor market," said Yit Loong Lai, senior vice president of sales and marketing, in the same statement.

The creation of the partnership with SilTerra follows an announcement in May that power management circuits are available for use on a 0.15-micron process at LFoundry GmbH (Landshut, Germany).

About Chipus

Chipus Microelectronics is an analog IP design house with focus on data converters, analog front-end and power management solutions for fabless semiconductor companies and chip integrators. Configurable IP core architectures allow higher level of customization together with high IP portability, providing unique level of freedom on customer design requirements. Website: www.chipus-ip.com

About SilTerra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

SilTerra Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a semiconductor wafer foundry offering fabrication and design support services in CMOS logic, High-Voltage, Mixed-signal, RF and MEMS technologies down to 90 nanometer feature size. SilTerra's wafer fab has a design-in capacity of 40,000 eight-inch wafers per month and currently serves customers in US, EU, Latin America, Taiwan, Korea and China.

Environmentally vigilant, SilTerra delivers award winning, world-class performance to its customers seeking flexible capacity, custom technologies, competitive advantages and around the clock customer support. SilTerra is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certified. Starting commercial production in 2001, the company's headquarters and factory are located in Malaysia's Kulim High-Tech Park, with sales and marketing offices in San Jose(California) and Hsinchu(Taiwan).

For additional information on SilTerra or its services, please visit www.silterra.com.

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