16 Aug 2016
Promise of Integrity

On 16 August 2016, Intel Corporation, B. Braun, Keysight, Motorola Solutions and SilTerra collaborated in a 'Promise of Integrity' event to spearhead an initiative on ethics and integrity. This marked the beginning of a joint effort to lead the way in upholding the highest standards of integrity.

The five participating companies share the same belief, that a "strong culture of integrity is a bedrock of success for the business community," as expressed by Anna Maria Braun, Asia Pacific President of B. Braun. The 'Promise of Integrity' "will serve as a compass that guides the actions of our employees and business partners, ensuring consistent and steadfast integrity as we build trusted relationships in our business community," explains Robin Martin, Corporate Vice President of Intel.

Leaders of the 5 companies with their signed 'Promise of Integrity' plaques at the event that drew participation from 90 suppliers and industry representatives. From left: Robin Martin (Intel), Anna Maria Braun (B. Braun), Chan Keng Cheong (Keysight), Dr. Hari Narayanan, (Motorola Solutions),and Firdaus Abdullah (SilTerra)

At the heart of this collaboration, this pledge is a concrete expression to continually abide by the highest ethical business practices. In this leadership role, the companies aim to transform the local ecosystem by working with their supplier base and other stakeholders to proliferate best ethics practices. As Chan Keong Cheong, Vice President of Global Procurement & Materials at Keysight expresses, "This will create a conducive business environment, elevating the local ecosystem to compete globally."

Motorola Solutions, like its other partners in this endeavor, is "strongly committed to doing business the right way, both legally and ethically - with [their] customers, partners, colleagues, and with the world at large." says Dr. Hari Narayanan, Managing Director of Penang Operations.

Since establishing this platform at the event in August, the initiative has already attracted interest from companies seeking to join this effort. Firdaus Abdullah, CEO of SilTerra extends a sincere invitation to the ecosystem, "Our hope is that others will join us and embrace this initiative that helps strengthen the pillars of a sustainable economy."

Companies and individuals who wish to learn more about the Promise of Integrity may contact SilTerra's Corporate Development & External Affairs Department.