MPW Program

SilTerra's Multi Project Wafer (MPW) program is a cost-effective, multi-project designs and IP verification service for Customers and IP providers.

This program runs regularly and multiple customers can join the MPW program by sharing the mask costs.

The tentative tape-out schedule is shown as below:

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Vendor Management

Failure Analysis Service

SilTerra's Failure Analysis Service (FAS) offers a comprehensive defect analysis of failure mechanism for semiconductor integrated circuit ("IC"). Our FA laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art Failure Analysis Equipment to deliver highly accurate and precise analysis reports for our customers. In addition, our experienced failure analysts apply the industry's recognized FA methodology while performing analysis on customer sample. FAS is open for 24x7, 365 days and we are committed to meet Customer delivery of FA findings.

FAS Values to Customers :

  •   Accurate Failure Analysis
  •   Professional FA consultation on fault finding for Semiconductor IC (Package & IC level)
  •   On time delivery FA reports
  •   Reasonable FA Service Fee

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Photo Mask Service

SilTerra partners with third party photo mask vendors to offer seamless mask making service. The qualified photo mask vendors had been prudently selected by SilTerra after went through rigorous product and process qualification, data checks and inline monitoring to ensure no compromise in mask quality. Mask service qualification covers accurate GDS file processing, precise mask data preparation, OPC conversion validation and zero defect mask manufacturing before deliver photo masks to SilTerra for wafer production used.

As a result of strict photo mask qualification procedure in place , SilTerra can ensure the photo masks ship to the fab are accurately matched and optimized to SilTerra process capabilities, hence attaining repetitive high wafer yield for Customer products.

Below are the qualified Photo Mask vendors for SilTerra technologies :-

TCE Photronics

Wafer Thin-Film Coating Service

SilTerra offers several types of thin-film material coating on 8" silicon wafer substrate. This will enable Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers, IC Package Assembly houses and Universities to perform thin-film material evaluation on their tools. In addition, we also offer Probe card wafer service to Customers/Assembly houses for bond pad calibration with the wire-bonder of IC products.

Metallic Thin-Film Materials :

Al, Cu + Cap layer, TiN, Ti, W, Cobalt, TiAlN, AlN, Moli, Ta and TaN.

Non-Metallic Thin-Film Materials :

Oxide, SiO2, SiN, TEOS, FSG, USG, BPSG.


The e-Bidding portal is part of an electronic bidding system that facilitates the procurement process at SilTerra - from Request for Information (RFI) / Request for Quotation (RFQ) through placement of contract. This includes gathering of all relevant vendor information and documents in electronic format.

Through this system, the qualified and selected suppliers will receive the invitation for RFI/RFQ from SilTerra’s Purchasing Department. The e-Bidding portal will allow invited vendors to submit price bids/offers online for related projects.

The successful vendor shall receive a notification by e-mail or will be issued a PO from our Purchasing Department.

Please contact our Purchasing Department ( any clarification on the system.

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New Vendor Registration

This is an online system to facilitate new vendor registration.

Once the registration form is submitted, it is subjected to review and approval prior to be qualified as a SilTerra- approved vendor.

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My Vendor Portal

My Vendor Portal gives SilTerra's approved vendors a "one-stop" secure online access to submit vendor's quality related records such as (CA/COC, certification, Quality Reports and Others), SilTerra's spec access or revision notifications, and to update 8D report (SCAR) corrective action updates.

Note: SilTerra will only issue a login access to those vendors that are required to perform the above-mentioned tasks, and respective SilTerra personnel will communicate to the respective vendor on this login status.

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Online Pickup Order (ePOF)

This is an online system to facilitate Online Pickup Order Form (ePOF).

Once the registration form is submitted, it is subjected to review and approval prior to be qualified by SilTerra Shipping Department.

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Failure Analysis Service

Destructive Failure Analysis

FA Technique Applications
Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Cross-section, circuit modification, high resolution inspection, Passive Voltage Contrast (PVC);
Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FE-SEM) High resolution inspection, Passive Voltage Contrast (PVC);
Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectometry (EDX) Qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis;
Sela Micropoint Cleaving System Micro precision cleaving;
Scanning Laser Optical microscope (InGaAs, VBA, Thermal ) Fault isolation to determine emission spot;
Liquid Crystal Fault isolation to determine emission spot;
AFP Nanoprober + Parametric Analyzer Electrical prober on sub-micron features; IV curve trace, static electrical anaylsis;
IC Decapsulator Package IC decapsulation;

Failure Analysis Service

Non-Destructive Failure Analysis

FA Technique Applications
Electrical Parametric Analysis Validate functionality of DC performance of IC;
Bitmap Engineering + Auto Prober Test for bitmapping to locate failed bit location;
Optical / UV Microscopy High magnification inspection up to 1,500x;

Failure Analysis Service

SilTerra FAS Capabilities

Focus Ion Beam (FIB)

Photon Emission Microscopy & Scanning Laser Optical Microscope



AFP Nanoprober and Parametric Analyzer

Cross sectioning to check for Bond pad structure and Solder bump integrity

Failure Analysis Service

Handling Procedures