Technologies in Mobility Symposium

Technologies in Mobility Symposium

A Technology Symposium Series Hosted by SilTerra Malaysia

Mobility is Everywhere - Smartphones, wearable gadgets, portable healthcare devices, point-of-care diagnostics. Mobility is about doing whatever you want, wherever you want. It is about portability, IOT, miniaturisation, intelligent navigation and longer battery life. It is also about transportation and next-generation automobiles.

Following the success of the first Semiconductors in Life Sciences Symposium, SilTerra is now bringing together another set of industry leaders and experts from around the world to share their thoughts and perspectives on the technology enablers in this rapidly emerging area of mobility.

Industry leaders from the Malaysian E&E sector have also been specially invited to speak about their initiatives to support the drive towards mobility and build the mobility ecosystem in Malaysia.

This symposium will highlight the latest trends and developments that are of strategic interest to Malaysia related to Technologies in Mobility and automotive applications, covering areas such as:
  • The future of intelligent mobility and the application of AI
  • Storage & sensor technologies for vehicle navigation, comfort and safety
  • Efficient power management for extended usage
  • Communications infrastructure for ubiquitous mobility applications
  • Designing for a global automotive market and perspectives from other markets
As a leading-edge technology provider and home-grown Malaysian company with a global footprint, SilTerra is organizing this unique event for technology providers, influencers and policy makers who want to keep abreast with advances in this exciting space.

This is an invitation-only event.

Dato' KS Pua

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Phison Electronics

Mr. Michael Lai


G3 Global

Dato' Dennis Chuah

Founder & Executive Director


Mr. TK Tan

Managing Director