Our People

Meet Our People

At SilTerra, we recognize that our technology begins with our people. We consider our people as our greatest asset. Our culture encourages to push our selves, be our best and take on technology challenges to make a positive impact in this world.

Let's Hear What Our Employees Have to Say about SilTerra!

  • Arjun Kumar

    Arjun Kumar

    Senior Vice President - Technology Development / Design Technology Department

    I enjoy working at SilTerra. SilTerra has a good diversity and people from various countries and different cultures are a part of the team. People over here are very friendly and this promotes a healthy working environment. Everyone is approachable and this helps in getting things done easily. The local talent here is very impressive and dynamic, this helps in executing our goals successfully.

    I have been working at SilTerra for the last 8 years and have seen the company grow from nothing to medium-sized foundry. The company focuses on extra curricular events that helps to promote team building.

    Also, Malaysia is a great country with good people. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the Malaysian hospitality. I am very proud to say that I love SilTerra and grateful to be one of its employees.

  • Lai Kin On

    Lai Kin On

    Director, Engineering Management Department

    What can I write about working in SilTerra as a foreigner? Well... I guess my decision to join SilTerra the second time in 2005 was already a good testimony! In fact, there are more people, who realize SilTerra is a good company, come back to work in second employment term.

    SilTerra has provided me with lots of opportunity to work on and learn about semiconductor processes. With years of service in the company, I have been given chance to work in multiple departments and functions to contribute in various projects in support of company growth. Along the way, my career and experience has grown too. My job meets my satisfaction and the employment has been rewarding.

  • Muhammad Asyraf Bin Said

    Muhammad Asyraf Bin Said

    Senior Manager, Facilities - Operations 

    The company has enabled me to continuously boost my career as an engineer ever since I started my career in year 2000. I have had many challenging projects and much exposure to many disciplines within Facilities over the past 18 years. SilTerra's strong collaboration with universities and its provision of financial support through the "Educational Assistance Program" has been a gateway for me to further my studies, develop new skills and improve my knowledge. It is a great place to work and I am proud to be a SilTerrian.


  • See Bee Kheng

    See Bee Kheng

    Deputy Director, Finance Department

    After years of service in the back-end semiconductor industry, SilTerra has provided me with vast opportunity in learning front-end semiconductor processes, as well as experiencing the complexity and the differences of processing cost structure between these two environments.

    The working environment in Cost Management is challenging with tight schedules and keeping up with deadlines on delivering good results. My job also requires me to work across various functions, thus, enabling me to deal with various people and projects.

    In SilTerra, people are friendly and supportive, along with employees from various countries with different background and culture that has made SilTerra a good place to work in.

    I enjoy working at SilTerra.

Our People

Internship Experience at SilTerra

  • Muhamad Mu'az Bin Mohamad Ismail

    Muhamad Mu'az Bin Mohamad Ismail

    UTHM - Intern; Photo Department

    I have been given tasks that I consider very challenging and at the same time interesting. SilTerra really knows how to train and improve the knowledge of their employees and as a intern, I took this opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills.

  • Nor Amalina Binti Mohd Zain

    Nor Amalina Binti Mohd Zain

    KUIN - Intern; HR Development Department

    I had a very good experience during my internship at SilTerra as I was exposed to real systems utilized by the company. There were many hands-on tasks that gave me the opportunity to learn as much as I could. I received very good support and close supervision from my supervisor and this enabled me to be on-track with my tasks.

  • Nur Hanisah Binti Aminudin

    Nur Hanisah Binti Aminudin

    UTHM - Intern; Manufacturing System Department

    SilTerra should definitely be the first choice for students who wish to have a fulfilling internship experience. As for me, I received the opportunity to work with amazing colleagues who were helpful and supportive in sharing their knowledge and experience.

  • Seri Aswani Binti Senin

    Seri Aswani Binti Senin

    KUIN - Intern; HR Department Employee Relations/ Services

    I had a really good learning experience during my internship at SilTerra Malaysia. My mentor taught me a lot of important lessons which I did not obtain from classes. This internship has exposed me to the real working environment as I needed to deal with people from different backgrounds, apply effective management skills and also adhere to project deadlines. All of these have really opened my eyes and helped me prepare myself for the working world.