SilTerra Supports Telemedicine 4.0 Conference Organized By DHM
20 Jun 2019
SilTerra Supports Telemedicine 4.0 Conference Organized By DHM

SilTerra was a proud supporter of the recent Telemedicine 4.0 conference which brought together experts from the healthcare industry, academia and policymakers to share the latest trends and dynamics shaping the future of healthcare and digital health initiatives in Malaysia. This two-day event was organized by Digital Health Malaysia (DHM) from 20 June-21 June at the Dorsett Grand, Subang Jaya.

In his opening address, Health Ministry Director-General, Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham highlighted the need for cultivating and developing the culture of innovation and commercialization in line with Malaysia’s direction towards Industry 4.0. The rapid development in Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, Big Data and Internet of Things (IOT) is expected to revolutionize the healthcare industry, opening up new opportunities and markets within the healthcare and med-tech ecosystems. He stressed on the need for all parties to recognise the impact of emerging trends in digital health, and to collaborate and facilitate the digital innovation in the healthcare space in Malaysia – from private and public sectors, inclusive of policy makers, regulators, healthcare providers and technology providers.

The conference attracted over 100 delegates from all sectors, with local and international speakers from the UK, Australia, Singapore and USA.  Among the important themes discussed were the future of healthcare in the digital age, the challenges prevalent within the healthcare space, the rise of start-ups and matters related to legislation and private-public partnerships.

As a bronze sponsor of the event, SilTerra was proud to showcase its semiconductor wafer technologies which were enabling next-generation bioscience and medical device applications.  These are expected to spur innovations and solutions in point-of-care (POC), disease detection, genome sequencing, 3D imaging and wearables with the increasing convergence of healthcare with electronics.  AI and IOT is expected to accelerate the drive for more nano-scale innovations in the med-tech space.  As a Malaysian company with advanced semiconductor manufacturing capabilities, SilTerra’s position in the value chain is therefore vital in providing fundamental technologies and capabilities in chip manufacturing, and along with other providers, for the innovations in bioscience and med-tech to be brought to life.

SilTerra’s support of this event is integral to its Life Sciences Initiative which was launched at the Semiconductors in Life Sciences Symposium held in September 2018 with the aim of enabling a more dynamic technology ecosystem for innovation in Malaysia and the region.