SilTerra Showcases its pMUT Solution and MEMS Capabilities at the Microtech Innovation Summit 2019 in San Jose
07 Nov 2019
SilTerra Showcases its pMUT Solution and MEMS Capabilities at the Microtech Innovation Summit 2019 in San Jose

SilTerra’s patented pMUT monolithic solution was showcased at the Microtech Innovation Summit 2019 in San Jose, California from 7th to 9th November 2019. Attended by 172 delegates from technologists in the industry to academia, venture capitals and engineering consultants, this three-day summit was aimed at discussing and sharing the latest technology breakthroughs in MEMS, sensors and microtechnology that are enabling next-generation products and applications.

In addition to SilTerra’s patented pMUT solution, the engineering team also demonstrated the MEMS SAW resonators and pMUT array wafers from SilTerra.


SilTerra was represented by Sr. VP of Technology Development, Mr. Arjun Kantimahanti, who spoke about SilTerra’s proprietary MEMS-on-CMOS technology, an integrated technology solution that provides a cost-effective and small-footprint multi-functional chip with proven standard silicon validated cells. This technology supports the development of monolithic solutions for pMUT (piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers), BAW and SAW (bulk and surface acoustic wave) resonators that enable next-generation applications in frequency control, fingerprint sensing, medical imaging, industrial sensors and motion control.


Mr. Arjun also spoke of SilTerra’s capabilities in supporting process transfers for the development of proprietary devices from concept stage to product level. Some of the on-going projects in this area, as indicated by Mr. Arjun during his talk, include biophotonics DNA sequencing chips, micro-mirrors for autonomous vehicles and data projectors, motion sensors and ink jet print heads.


A total of 46 thought leaders from the MEMS, sensors and microtechnology domain presented in this 3-day summit organized by Microtech Ventures Inc. The presentations covered a wide range of topics from industry trends and emerging applications to manufacturing, fabrication techniques, smart sensing material, advanced packaging technologies and regulatory matters, pertaining to MEMS, sensors and microtechnology.