SilTerra Presents Optical MEMS and Ultrasonic MEMS Solutions at AUTOMOTIVE LIDAR 2020 Event
25 Sep 2020
SilTerra Presents Optical MEMS and Ultrasonic MEMS Solutions at AUTOMOTIVE LIDAR 2020 Event

SilTerra showed off some of its More-than-Moore technology capabilities in the AUTOMOTIVE LIDAR 2020 conference held from September 22-24, 2020. Organized by Microtech Ventures, Inc. for the 3rd consecutive year, this virtual event attracts attendees from across the Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) ecosystem involving industry experts, technology providers, engineering consultants and OEMs to network and share latest advancements on products and solutions around LIDAR.

In a presentation titled ”CMOS+MEMS Fabrication Solutions for Automotive LIDAR Applications,” Sr. VP of Technology Development, Mr. Arjun Kumar Kantimahanti, shared SilTerra’s customer engagement model and capabilities in fabricating MEMS-on-CMOS solutions. In developing automotive LIDAR applications, customers can either opt for utilizing customized MEMS Foundry Solutions to develop their own devices; or engage with the development team to utilize SilTerra’s MEMS Integrated Solutions which monolithically integrates MEMS devices on top of CMOS wafers, based on SilTerra’s patented device architecture.

The two technology platforms available in SilTerra for LIDAR and sensing applications are the Optical MEMS and Ultrasonic MEMS platforms. These platforms are being used in the evaluation of 2D and 3D micro-mirror solutions for autonomous vehicles and for short and long range detection in commercial applications.

A total of 306 attendees and speakers participated in the Automotive LIDAR 2020 conference which discussed a wide range of areas driving the future of automotive LIDAR such as industry trends, LIDAR data fusion with other sensors, data processing, assembly and packaging breakthroughs as well as testing methodologies.