SilTerra Kicks Off 2020 with Tech Fair on MEMS, Sensors & Life Sciences
15 Jan 2020
SilTerra Kicks Off 2020 with Tech Fair on MEMS, Sensors & Life Sciences

SilTerra held a Tech Fair on MEMS, Sensors and Life Sciences on the 15th Jan 2020. This event which took place at the Kulim plant was themed ‘Driving MEMS, Sensors and Life Science Device Solutions for Emerging Applications.’

Organized by the MEMS, Sensors and Life Sciences Business Unit, the Tech Fair showcased 8 of the exciting projects that the business unit has been working on. Among the innovations featured included pMUT, CSOI pMUT, Monolithic SAW, Piezoelectric FBAR ,Silicon Nanowires and Actuators. These solutions enable next-generation applications in medical imaging, bio sensing, printing, timing and industrial sensing.

The teams demonstrated MEMS working principles in generating vibrations on chips and discussed the implications of thin film stress as a result of MEMS fabrication on CMOS. The presentations also covered tool requirements, fabrication challenges, market potential and industry applications of the various projects.

In his opening speech on the ‘Big Picture’, VP of Technology Development, Arjun Kumar, described that SilTerra’s MEMS, Sensors and Life Sciences foundry business model consists of Customized Foundry Solutions and MEMS Devices & Integrated Solutions. The Customized Foundry Solutions model caters to customer-specific devices in which SilTerra supports full process transfers from customer R&D labs into SilTerra, for process development from conceptual stage right up to volume manufacturing.

The MEMS Devices & Integrated Solutions model uses SilTerra-owned manufacturing methods. The unique aspect of this method lies in SilTerra’s ability to monolithically build the MEMS ultrasound component on top of a CMOS device, making it a single chip solution. SilTerra is among the very few fabs in the world that is able to offer integrated solutions to fabricate piezoelectric ultrasonic MEMS on CMOS as a single chip. The MEMS team has been granted 2 U.S. Patents on the architecture of the MEMS and CMOS integration. The team also has 35 international publications which are joint publications with partners and collaborators, in addition to strong highlights in media coverage and market report studies.

Arjun acknowledged that the successes made by the MEMS, Sensors and Life Sciences Business Unit has only been made possible with the strong teamwork from all functions within SilTerra.