07 May 2020
SilTerra Offers Monolithic PMUT Process Option on CMOS for Emerging Ultrasonic Sensing Applications

Kulim, Malaysia, 7 May 2020 :  SilTerra, a Malaysian-based global semiconductor foundry announced today the availability of  the Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (PMUT) process option on CMOS platform. Customers can now design their transducers for ultrasonic sensing applications using  the monolithic PMUT process design guidelines from SilTerra.

As a part of SilTerra’s initiative towards the mass production of the MEMS-based PMUT devices, SilTerra developed and qualified the PMUT cells in a modular concept similar to other CMOS process options such as the SRAM Cell, MIM and HRPoly. MEMS designers and ASIC designers thus have the flexibility to use these CMOS and MEMS process design guidelines to develop their prototypes and accelerate time to volume production.

With enhancements introduced into the device fabrication process, customers now have the option to fabricate their PMUT prototypes using either pure aluminium nitride (AlN) or scandium-doped aluminium nitride (ScAlN) thin films as the piezoelectric layer of the transducer device.  SilTerra is also offering modeling and simulation services for ultrasonic cell design, thus allowing customers to validate and optimize their design with a fast turnaround time.

In its aim to enable cost-effective and flexible prototyping services, SilTerra is offering to its customers the multi-layer masking (MLM) approach which reduces the number of reticles required for prototyping and the associated costs.

 “New developments in automotive, consumer and medical imaging applications are expected to drive the demand for ultrasonic sensors in the market. We are offering a cost-effective PMUT prototyping service in a world-class manufacturing fab to enable our customers to bring their products to these markets in a short period of time” said Arjun Kumar Kantimahanti, Senior Vice President of MEMS/Sensors/Life Sciences Business Unit at SilTerra.

About SilTerra

SilTerra Malaysia is a semiconductor wafer foundry offering fabrication and design support services in CMOS Logic, high-voltage, mixed-signal and radio frequency.  By extending its core CMOS processes into advanced "More-than-Moore" technologies such as silicon photonics, MEMS, BCD, power and Gallium Nitride(GaN), SilTerra is developing what will be tomorrow’s connected technologies in the fields of consumer electronics, life sciences, data communications, automotive and in industrial applications. Globally ranked 17th by IC Insights in the category of pure-play foundries, SilTerra’s wafer fab has a design-in capacity of 46,000  eight-inch wafers per month and is capable of supporting technologies down to 90nm feature size.

For additional information on SilTerra or its services, please view www.silterra.com

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