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SilTerra, a leading wafer foundry provider, offers state-of-the-art CMOS wafer technology to global semiconductor customers. Our technologies and design solutions has enabled thousands of integrated circuit (IC) design from our customers ranging from Computing, Consumer and Communication product segments. Customers are delighted to partner with SilTerra due to our efficient manufacturing system, continuous technology innovation, excellent customer services and good technical support from our global team.
In the highly competitive wafer foundry business, Management restlessly execute effective business strategies to ensure SilTerra is a continuous profitable enterprise. Management review the business objectives and set company-wide goals periodically to ensure we deliver utmost values to our customers and shareholders in every aspects.
In Silterra, we value our people as the main asset of the company where the professional development and benefit of everyone counts. We provide distinctive environment to facilitate our people to learn, grow and contribute as individual and as member of the company. At the same time, Silterra spares no effort in adding value to our people through our rigorous employee development program. In the environment which celebrates diversity and honors equal opportunity, it nurtures and strengthens our peoples’ all-round abilities.
As Malaysia is marching toward high income status, SilTerra plays a pivotal role in producing high skill workforce for the nation. Our employees are capable to develop new process technology using sophisticated high-tech equipment and design tools. SilTerra consistently recruits talent locally and internationally to meet our business objectives. With the presence of wafer manufacturing fab like SilTerra in Malaysia, many IC design houses are setup here to gain easy access to wafer supply, indirectly this create more employment to support IC design activities for the country.

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