Our Approach to Sustainability

SilTerra, is committed to contribute towards global action to create greater environmental sustainability and improve social equity. We have a responsibility towards various stakeholders including our shareholders, employees, customers and business partners to operate in a manner that is ethical and responsible while providing assurance of long term business viability.

These commitments are the foundation of our sustainability agenda, which is integral to all our decisions and direction encompassing Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) matters.

To be an exemplary corporate citizen, we strive to address areas most critical to our stakeholders and our business sustainability.

SilTerra ESG Framework

SilTerra ESG Material Issues

We place particular emphasis on 12 material issues as shown below which have strategic importance to our business, stakeholder concerns and our ability to make a positive impact.


GHG Emissions
Energy Management
Resource Management
Ecological Impact


Employee Health and Safety
Community Relations
Workforce Management
Product Quality and Safety


Business Ethic
Data Privacy and Security
Supply Chain Management
Business Model Resilience
In summary, we manage our operations and conduct our business activities ethically to minimize environmental impact and promote the welfare and safety of our employees, clients, local community

SilTerra ESG Projects & Activities


  • Carrying out GHG Baselining to determine our current Scope 1 & 2 Status.
  • The “Tri-Gen” project is to optimize the use of Natural Gas (NG) & Heat, “Solar Car Park” project to introduce Renewable Energy (RE) to the energy mix. Both will reduce burning of fossil fuels. Thus, reducing GHG emissions under Scope 2.
  • Participate in the Resource Efficiency And Industrial Symbiosis Assessment (REISO) program, to analyze resource usage and optimize symbiotic relationship with surrounding industries.This would help to reduce waste, improve environmental sustainability and realize cost savings.
  • Implementation of higher efficiency Chillers.
  • Replacement of fluorescent and halogen lights with LED.
  • Switching off lights during lunch break, temperature control of air-conditioning in office.
  • Use of higher efficiency pumps, motors and compressors.
  • Compliance with Environmental regulations imposed by Authorities.
  • Effluent discharge, expansion of Acid Waste treatment plant and Noise pollution control show our strong commitment towards a conducive and sustainable ecosystem.


  • Deploy a dedicated Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) team to manage all related matters.
  • A task-force on Covid-19 plays an important role in business continuity
    by ensuring SOPs are implemented and followed.
  • An Emergency Response Team (ERT) – 130 trained members from cross functional departments, A group of ‘competent persons’ (e.g. Safety and Health Officer (SHO), Radiation Protection Officer (RPO), CePSWaM, etc.) to ensure workers’ safety & health is protected.
  • A task-force on Covid-19 plays an important role in business continuity
    by ensuring SOPs are implemented and followed.
  • Hazard Identification Risk Assessment & Risk Control (HIRARC)
    and Environmental Aspect & Impact are among the focus of EHS.
  • SilTerra complies with environmental, waste and ISO quality standard required by customers and regulatory bodies
  • EHS conducts environmental monitoring and reporting as per DOE requirements
  • Certifications attained by SilTerra are:
    • ISO9001 Quality Management System
    • IECQ QC080000 Hazardous Substance Process Management System (HSPM)
    • ISO14001 Environmental Management System
    • ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
    • Annual product testing on finished wafer is conducted to demonstrate compliance to RoHS & REACH SVC and report is shared with customers.
  • Host industrial visits for higher learning institutions.
  • Organize career and industry talks to expose students to the semiconductor industry.
  • Donations to schools for academic needs.
  • Contribution to schools to enhance learning facilities.
  • Sponsorships for academic-related events for local universities and polytechnics.

**For more details on our CSR-Education please click here

        Local Community
  • Organize safety-related campaigns/events.
  • Contributions to local authorities.
  • Contributions to old folks homes and orphanages.
  • Donation of refurbished laptops to local schools. 

**For more details on our CSR-Local Community please click here

  • Participate in environmental sustainability programs by local universities.

**For more details on our CSR-Environment, please click here

        Corporate Citizenship
  • Donation to victims of natural disasters.
  • Contribution to a non-profit organization, focusing on social change through education, community development, health, children, and youth.
  • Organize Integrity/Business Ethics programs for employees while involving authorities and government agencies.
  • Sponsorship for employees’ children in sports, development via KidSport Fund.

**For more details on our CSR-Corporate Citizenship, please click here

  • HR have put in place various programs to work on hiring and talents retention and to provide relevant training to all based on needs.
  • Compliance with Employment Act.
  • Engagement and succession plan.


  • Integrity & Governance Unit (IGU) have carried out campaigns to educate staff about corruption, bribery, ethics, etc.
  • Corruption Free Pledge Due Diligence for New Business Engagement talk.
  • Corporate Governance talk Awareness briefing to Suppliers on Code of Conduct
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption policy Dialogue on Whistle-blowing procedure.
  • Corruption Free Pledge Due Diligence for New Business Engagement talk.
  • Enhance IT access control with 2 Factor Authentication solution.
  • Security footnote in all email response.
  • ISO27001:2013 re-certification.
  • Employee laptop upgrade of Operating System (OS).
  • Supply Chain Management team is in discussion with suppliers to explore opportunities by gathering more info from the supply chain to understand ESG practices of its suppliers better.
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Business Continuity Management (BCM) are among functions put in place to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity despite adverse internal/external events or incidents.
  • Two risks registered under ERM pertaining business resilience for close monitoring, i.e. Business Viability & Sustainability; and Business Continuity Risk. Ultimately, business resilience depends on Company’s financial resources and sound management.

Campaigns & Initiatives

We have also initiated campaigns and initiatives with regards to ESG as follow:


Recycling programWaste bin segregation at sourceNo-smoking Campus
Bio-Hazard disposal for used face masks & RTK-Ag kitsDedicated battery collection binWaste Management Campaign in a local school
River Cleaning Activity & Mangrove Replanting ProjectEnvironmental Conservation Project Competition for Secondary SchoolsProject discussion with USM on “Green Initiatives”
Participated as judge on case study for climate change for Asia Pacific Youth Leadership Summit (APYS 2022)Management walks down at the Facilities Chemical & Central Utility Buildings to identify risk & non-compliance issues.Food Waste Management project to convert SilTerra’s food waste into compost material.


SilTerra Foodbank – SilTerra Peduli to help the needy during the initial stage of the COVID- 19 PandemicFlash Food Donation Campaign and Flood Aid Relief Mission by SilTerra EmployeeSilTerra’s HR is actively conducting industry talks with the local higher learning institutions.
Employee Engagement Programs: Futsal, Badminton, Walk Event.Sponsor for ROBOCON (Asia- Pacific level Robotics competition) organized by USM & Sponsor for SBPI Kubang Pasu Student Learning CentreVirtual Talk on “Stress Management During Covid- 19”


Corruption Free Pledge CeremonyVirtual Talk: Legal Perspective on Due Diligence for New Business EngagementVirtual Dialogue Session on Whistleblowing Procedure by MACC/IGU
SilTerra Integrity and Governance Unit (IGU) consistently organize events to educate staff about corruptionA cohesive and unified risk platform, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)Business Continuity Management (BCM) in place to ensure business continuity despite adverse internal/external events or incidents

Climate and Energy

Co/Tri-Generation project; Solar Energy Car Park

Product Reuse & Recycling

Sludge recycled by licensed company, reused in building construction

Waste Minimization

Optimized and controlled usage of chemicals

Smart Workspaces

Auto-Controlled temperature and lights out during lunch break

Improved Energy Management

Energy saving servers in data center

Efficient Lighting and Water Systems

Usage of LED lighting and recycled condensation water from cooling towers

Switching Device Efficiency

Air-Cond/lighting timing and use of sensors

Contribution to Zero-Ozone Depletion

Usage of materials which are at least 15% more efficient for cooling system; Non-CDC/HFC usage

Reduction of Water Usage

Recycled water from AHU system, RO, UFW water reject sources and filter backwash water

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