SilTerra is committed to the EHS excellence of our facilities. The focus on the health and safety of our people and the protection of our environment continues to be an essential aspect of our business. We integrate EHS into all areas our business, from our supply chain, to the development of our solutions and our manufacturing processes.

Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Environmental Policy
We are committed to the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution and continual improvement of Environmental performance through an Environmental Management System.


We shall:

Fulfill our compliance obligations

Minimize the release of pollutants to air, water and land

Minimize the generation of general waste and schedule waste

Optimize the usage of hazardous chemicals and gases

Minimize the consumption of natural resources

Foster employee and contractor awareness of environmental issues through training, campaign and promotions

Safety & Health Policy
SilTerra is committed to adopting the best industrial practices in providing a safe work environment meeting or exceeding applicable legal and other requirements. We are also commited to continual improvement of Occupational Safety and Health performance through excellence in our Occupational Safety and Health Management System.


We adhere strongly to the following safety and health principles:

All injuries and ill-health can be prevented

Working safely is a condition of employment

Everyone will be trained to work safely

All hazards can be controlled

Everyone is responsible for safety

Environmental Management System (EMS)
We have implemented an Environmental Management System to improve the environmental performance of our business. SilTerra’s EMS received the ISO14001 certification in August 2002.


We monitor all environmental regulatory requirements to ensure compliance.


We also establish environmental goals to go beyond compliance in the areas of pollution prevention, minimization of toxic and hazardous materials, water and energy conservation and solid waste reduction.

EHS Social Responsibility & Activities

EHS Days 2017
EHS Days 2017
1. EHS talksSpeakers were invited from various organizations and ministries to deliver talks on areas related to EHS Hosp Sultanah Bahiyah – Hazlee bin Omar, Occupational Therapist – Back...
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EHS & Environment Days 2016
EHS & Environment Days 2016
Program 1. EHS Talks DOSH Renewal Energy JKJR PDRM 2. Treasure hunt3. Safety Video4. Recycling Days Recycling Days committee Treasure Hunt winners Visiting exhibitions Organizing...
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EHS Day 2015
EHS Day 2015
1. Talks Environmental Awareness Talk by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Carl Corrynton Medical Centre Health Talk – “How to Manage Your Backache” 2. Recycling campaign3. ERT competition
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EHS Day 2014
EHS Day 2014
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EHS Day 2013
EHS Day 2013
Behavior Safety Talk Stop Smoking Talk Police Talk Environment Talk Bomba Kulim Hi-Tech Hazmat Exhibition Various Exhibitions
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Environmental Systems & Performance

The facility is equipped with wastewater treatment and exhaust systems that ensure compliance to environmental, health and safety regulations at the workplace. We ensure compliance with stringent international and local environmental protection regulations on industrial effluents and air emissions through:


  • Wastewater treatment systems to treat segregated waste streams from manufacturing and support systems
  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) abatement systems
  • High efficiency scrubber systems to remove acid and caustic chemical vapors


In addition to the above, scheduled (toxic) wastes are managed to comply with stringent regulatory requirements.

Waste Water Treatment
As per international standards, SilTerra analyzes and monitors the quality of waste water throughout the year. All waste water analytical results consistently adhere to the waste water standard of the Environmental Quality (Sewage & Industrial Effluents) Regulations 1979 in Malaysia.

Air Emission Facility
SilTerra is equipped with various exhaust systems such as scrubber systems, VOC abatement systems, general exhaust systems, to name a few. These state-of-the-art systems are designed to treat hot air, corrosive, flammable and hazardous fumes respectively from various buildings in SilTerra.

Waste Minimization
We systematically identify ways to reduce or eliminate waste primarily through source reduction and recycle, reclaim and reuse. Activities include:

  • Minimizing the use of hazardous manufacturing chemicals through operational improvements and process changes
  • Diverting materials from local landfills through recycling. The recycling program is wide and includes papers, newspapers, magazines, cardboards, packing material and metal parts
  • Striving for a paperless environment through the widespread use of electronic documentation and presentation, thereby reducing paper memos, reports, transparencies and other documents
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