Quality and HSPM Policy

Our Commitment

All SilTerra employees will be premier customer service providers, emphasizing on continually improving both Quality and the Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM) of our processes, products and services.

We are committed to achieve these by:

  • Meeting statutory & regulatory requirements, operational goals, as well as customer needs and expectations
  • Having effective defect prevention and waste elimination programs
  • Driving process capability and stability, performance benchmarking
  • Involving employees in communication and continuous improvement activities
  • Ensuring processes and final products are Hazardous Substance-Free compliant

Hazardous Substance Process Management

SilTerra is continuously working on reducing the use of banned substances in our final products.


In line with SilTerra’s Hazardous Substance Process Management Policy, we regularly submit our products to accredited laboratories to be independently analyzed. This is to ensure that our products do not contain or exceed the hazardous substance concentration limits as stated in the RoHS, REACH and Sony Green Partner regulations.


SilTerra is also working closely with our material vendors to ensure that all procured materials do not contain or exceed the hazardous substance concentration limit as stated in the RoHS and REACH regulations.


For more information, please contact SilTerra’s Hazardous Substance Process Management Team (DIST-QA-HSPM@silterra.com).

Conflict Minerals Management

SilTerra remains cognisant of the fact that the sourcing of certain metals such as gold, tantalum, tin and tungsten from conflict regions may contribute to the financing of weapons and violence, thus, fueling conflict and violation to human rights in those regions. SilTerra performs strong due diligence procedures that are in line with the Responsible Minerals Initiative to ensure that the applicable raw minerals used in our manufacturing processes are not sourced from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or its surrounding countries.


SilTerra extends its cognisant to other mineral of interest and continue to perform strong due diligence procedures that are inline with the Responsible Minerals Initiative.


For more information, please contact SilTerra’s Customer Service  (DIST-QA-HSPM@silterra.com)

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