Technology Overview

SilTerra offers a broad range of proven technologies and services to meet our customers’ requirements

* More than Moore (MtM) Technologies — These tech platforms are complemented by the state-of-art CMOS process tools. These technologies are fully integratable on top of any CMOS Technologies

Technology Roadmap

CMOS Logic

SilTerra’s CMOS Logic technologies are process-matched to the leading foundries. They offer excellent combination of density, speed and power developed to meet the stringent product requirements for communication, computing and consumer applications.

High Voltage

SilTerra’s High Voltage technologies are developed to target mobile and large panel display driver IC and power management IC-related applications which require high voltage biasing at low power consumption.

SilTerra’s High Voltage technologies cover :-


SilTerra’s Radio Frequency CMOS (RFCMOS) technologies are customized and developed for wireless related application standards such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, Sub-Giga Hz, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz ISM band transmission medium.


As consumers continue to demand for smaller and sleek form factors, portability and extended battery life in smart phones, smart watches and mobile health kits, IC designers are under tremendous pressure to miniaturize their designs and at the same time deliver energy efficiency with minimum power losses.


Green technology has become a buzzword in the industry as more government and regulatory bodies continue to develop strategies to push for energy conservation and sustainability. As a result, IC designers are now driven to adopt the smart power design techniques as well as advanced power technologies to meet this objective.


SilTerra’s Smart Power Technology platform is developed to facilitate designers, using our proven process technology, foundry design kits and IP to deliver optimum energy efficient products.

SilTerra’s Smart Power Technology platform offers:


Under SilTerra’s MEMS-on-CMOS technology platform, we offer customized MEMS foundry services for proprietary devices and a unique MEMS-on-CMOS technology which monolithically integrates MEMS devices onto CMOS wafers, thus, turning them into cost-effective single-chip solutions for applications such as frequency control, data projection and sensing in medical, industrial and consumer electronics end-markets.


SilTerra’s MEMS technology and engagement model is detailed as below:


The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the way we live, impacting daily operations, our routines and activities in general. The “things” or physical objects that surround us at homes, offices, production floors, inside cars or outside of buildings are becoming increasingly intelligent with the advancement of IoT technology. This evolution is now changing the way objects gain control, connect, communicate with other devices remotely and intuitively without human intervention.


To achieve this, the IC inside the smart devices needs to be in constant “ON” sensing mode. For this to happen, these devices need to operate in extremely low power and deliver optimal power performance to be able to detect, process and transmit the sensing data to the Internet gateways or cloud.


SilTerra IoT technology platform offers 

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