SilTerra Presents MEMS Findings at the IEEE MEMS 2021

SilTerra was proud to sponsor and participate in the 34th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (IEEE MEMS 2021). The IEEE MEMS Conference is an annual event which attracts more than 700 participants and 800+ abstract submissions with over 200 papers selected for lecture and poster sessions.

This year’s event was held virtually for the first time due to the pandemic and global travel restrictions. Held from the 25th Jan – 29th Jan 2021, this international forum showcased and reported latest advancements and technological breakthroughs in the development of MEMS/NEMS devices and applications.

SilTerra presented 3 technical papers in the event’s poster session covering the integration of MEMS with CMOS, the applications of MEMS transducers for physical and chemical sensing; and MEMS packaging techniques. On the integration of MEMS with CMOS, the team showcased their findings on the manufacturability of highly densed PMUT arrays using high scandium concentrations in aluminium nitride to significantly enhance piezoelectric responses in PMUT transducers and thereby increase its performance. On MEMS packaging techniques, the team presented their evaluation of film assisted molding packaging technology which is important in the manufacturing of cost-effective MEMS sensors with high reliability. The third area covered the application of MEMS transducers in the 2D imaging of targets using specific PMUT resonance modes and beam forming methods.

These breakthroughs in MEMS are of significant importance to the industry given the proliferation of MEMS sensors in smart devices and wearables; healthcare, automotive and industrial end-markets. SilTerra’s monolithic integration of MEMS-on-CMOS enables designers to design cost-effective single-chip solutions for applications in frequency control, imaging and sensing in these end-markets.

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