SilTerra Presents MEMS, Sensors and Life Sciences Solutions at the L.E.T.S. Event

SilTerra presented some of its exciting technologies on MEMS, Sensors and Life Sciences at the recent Learning of Emerging Technology Symposium (L.E.T.S.) held on the 21 Nov 2020. Organized by the Semiconductor Fabrication Association Malaysia (SFAM) in collaboration with Kulim Technology Park Corp (KTPC) and Infineon Technologies Kulim, this event showcased technology talks from four distinguished speakers from the SFAM member companies who spoke about the latest trends and dynamics in the semiconductor industry.

In his sharing on MEMS, Sensors and Life Sciences, Sr. VP of Technology Development at SilTerra, Mr. Arjun Kumar Kantimahanti, highlighted some of the classic application areas of MEMS devices in our day-to-day lives, for example in speakers, microphones and motion sensors. The integration of MEMS devices with CMOS-integrated circuits helps drive down the form-factors of these solutions to micro level, making them suitable for integration into mobile devices and wearables. The significantly improved signal-to-noise ratio in MEMS technologies enables microphones to support voice commands. It also enables speakers for mobile phones and language translations.

He also spoke about some of the MEMS application areas where SilTerra has been working with customers to develop smart head-lights for autonomous cars using micro-mirror technology, micro-resonators in timing chips and as ultrasound sensors for medical imaging and biometric verification.

On addressing a question from the audience regarding the potential areas for MEMS development in Malaysia, Mr. Arjun responded that one of the areas holding strong potential for MEMS would be in the biomedical industry, as MEMS developments in this are still at a nascent stage.

He also added that as a 200mm fab, the kind of capabilities that are required to develop new solutions is no longer focused solely on the electrical domain, but more capabilities will need to be built to model behaviors of applications in the mechanical, optical, biological and the chemical domain to support the increasing convergence of nanotechnology into new application areas.

This symposium also included talks on power semiconductor technologies, optoelectronics and automation from Infineon Technologies, Osram and Fuji Electric, respectively. Attended by over 100 participants ranging from technology experts, engineers and students, this event provided a good platform for industry participants to share the developments and advancements taking place in one of the most important pillars of Malaysia’s economy, the E&E sector.

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