SilTerra Accelerates Innovation Through Continuous Improvement Sharing

On 14th June 2023, SilTerra organized the Continuous Improvement Sharing (CIS) 2023 to present operational excellence projects. This initiative is in line with the Company’s core values, IR2IS; Innovation.

The projects presented and exhibited were from the period of January 2020 until December 2022. An impressive 92 project titles were submitted, from 29 different departments. The total number of employees involved were 238.

Speaking during the event, Dr. Albert (CEO) said “In the robust and dynamic industry of SilTerra, embracing a culture of Continuous Improvement is essential to maintain our competitive edge.”

“Leaders should drive continuous improvement initiatives”, he added.

Also speaking during the event, BJ Thung (VP, Manufacturing) emphasized that Implementing the Six Sigma Methodology or DMAIC in a systematic manner is a key factor in achieving success in this industry.

The top 8 project presentations were divided into 4 sessions. In session 1, Bitt Coin Finder initiated the 1st presentation, followed by LOGICHV, Troubleshooters, and Finance & IT.

For session 2, the presentation started with the Blackhawk, The 95-Percenter,  Mech Army, and Tool Maker Team [TMT].

Besides the presentation of projects, the attendees were treated to a free lunch and lucky draws where they stood a chance to win cash vouchers.

Exclusive SilTerra umbrellas were also given to those who participated in the quiz sessions.

Snapshots of our colleagues visiting the exhibition.  

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